About the Company

POLFEX Ltd is a modern meat processing and slaughter facility. We are specialized in poultry meat i.e.: duck, goose, turkey and chicken. The headquarters are located in Ostrow Wielkopolski

and the production facility is located in Borowiec. Due to our lifelong experience and many years of hard work weve become a renowned producer of water poultry products in Europe and beyond.

Being a company with 20 years of experience we consider our main goal to be our clients best interest and satisfaction. As a cooperating partner we offer rich experience and expertise as well as infrastructure enabling us to deliver poultry products of highest quality.

POLFEXs main products are: duck carcass, goose carcass, turkey carcass, chicken carcass, water poultry elements, digging poultry elements and hand picked meat from poultry elements.

We encourage you to study our more detailed offer.

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Cartyfikaty: ISO 22000, IFS, Decyzje PLW ISO IFS Decyzje PLW